D.I.Y. Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe (2024)



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Use kala namak (aka black salt) for the missing eggy taste. It makes a big flavor difference.


I crock pot my chickpeas bc they come out a lot creamier. I'm completely undisciplined about the amount of water, but I make sure I end up with about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of water covering the chicks by the time they're done (I add water if there's not enough). I always get a silky gelatinous thing going and it works great for this recipe.


I think you missed the point. This recipe is Vegan as the name of the recipe indicates.


It works in a food processor!

I don't normally use vegan analogues, so I can't say how true it is to commercially available products.

I bet the kombu in the bean water helps out alot with emulsion, I didn't use the variety suggested, so with non seaweed bean water it works acceptably in a cuisinart.


It keeps for well over a month for me!! Also I only use 1/2 t of dried mustard and that's a perfect amount! :)

Erica Avena

Alchemy! I used this Mayo substitute to make a wonderful potato salad. This has a less intense flavor than jarred mayonnaise, so it is a great substitute for sandwiches, etc. Plus it is made out of nothing, and I nailed it with a simple food processor.


has anyone made this with something other than an immersion blender?


Sure can, just make sure the liquid is about the consistency of egg whites. You may have to simmer your leftover liquid to get it to this stage.


ok, I didn't follow the recipe properly and nearly gave up as it was liquid for about 10 minutes and then it finally
happened, magic! Added chipotle and truffle oil, divine.


I just made this with avocado oil and it tastes great! Olive oil should work well, too. I didn't use quite all of 3/4 cup. I also made this in my Blendtec blender instead of using an immersion blender. It seems a little too salty for my taste, so next time, I'll use 1/4 tsp. of salt.


Yes! A blender works fine!!! :) Blend the aquafaba and spices/sugar till frothy, then SLOWLY pour in the oil! :) Canola oil works, too!


This worked really well. Next time I will halve the mustard and possibly increase the salt a tad. My only modifications were using two teaspoons of vinegar because I had no lemon juice and adding a smudge of turmeric to add a little color. It makes a delicious tofu "egg" salad.


I got this to work by blending the aquafaba alone for 30-60 seconds, just until it got foamy. Then I added the all the other ingredients, blended, then added the oil. Amazing, when it works.

Nancy Lea

I used dried chickpeas. How can I get the liquid to be of the proper density?


You may need to reduce the liquid on the stovetop. I cook my chickpeas from dried and that is what I have been told to do.

Rogerio Lira

I gave this recipe a try and am going to do it more often, improving on two points: I used very good olive oil instead, which proved to be a bad idea: it overpowered the overall flavor. Also half as much salt would be better, as noted by other commenters (worth noting, I generally love lots of salt but this was a tad much, even for me).


My immersion blender couldn’t sit low enough in the liquid to whip so I made this in my little Kitchenaid food processor and it came together really well. Used olive oil instead of sunflower oil and IMO its flavor is too strong, overpowering everything else. I would stick to neutrally flavored oils.


A decent recipe but 1) you do not need to do the slow drizzle. Just dump it all in and whiz for 1-2 mins with the immersion blender and emulsifies even quicker! 2) I used regular dijon mustard as the dry mustard didn't have a great taste.


Olive oil will make this very bitter. Use a different oil. I've used safflower with good results.


I tried it again and had very good results! It’s nice!


Interesting but I could not get a true mayonnaise consistency


Working on getting it to thicken but the flavor is great and I made a delicious orzo salad. Has great flavor as salad dressing.


How long do you estimate this can be stored?


For those having trouble with immersion - The easiest most reliable and tastiest mayonnaise recipe with an aquafaba base is in the Superiority Burger Cookbook. It includes a small amount of chickpeas and comes out perfectly creamy every time. I too, add a pinch of kala namak (black salt) for eggy flavor and a whole date for sweetness instead of anything processed. It comes out white & creamy & delicious :)


Julia - they mean mustard powder. I've also made it with Dijon mustard.


What is dry mustard? Is it Ground mustard seeds?


Same question—does “dry mustard” mean mustard powder (ground seeds), or does it mean mustard the condiment (unsweetened hence dry)?


Mine didn't turn thick like mayonnaise, but I also didn't take 4-5 minutes to add the oil.... so I'm sure that's what happened :) However, I was making this to go in some coleslaw, and it's almost perfect coleslaw dressing as is! I whipped it enough with the immersion blender so that it was white and frothy, and with just an extra bit of vinegar/pickle juice plus some celery seed, it was absolutely wonderful vegan coleslaw dressing :)


I prefer this with apple cider vinegar in place of the white vinegar and lemon juice, but an excellent and easy to make vegan mayo overall!

Katie H.

Very proud of myself for making this! I've used another recipe that never emulsified, which I'm sure was my fault, but this one came out perfectly! I used canola oil instead of sunflower oil and a food processor instead of an immersion blender. I subbed red wine vinegar for white vinegar (didn't have any on hand). And... it is delicious!! I'm making lion's mane crab cakes tonight and needed some vegan mayo for the remoulade! Woohoo!

Steven Andrea

This is super easy and very good. Add a clove of finely minced/grated or pressed garlic for a nice edge. I also used EVOO and a mix of EVOO and grape seed oils. The olive oil does give it a different flavor, but a delicious one.

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D.I.Y. Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe (2024)


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